Become An Affiliate

The goal of our affiliate/associate program is to mutually collaborate with you to build a beneficial enterprise. As an associate of your only duty is to promote our brand and products, then get the reward of a monthly payment of 7% commission through the internet business model called “pay-per-sale” (cost-per-sale).

To explain better, when you sign up as an affiliate, there will be a code number assigned to you. A software monitoring cookies that will track every customer that buys our suits, shoes, shirts, watches, ties, belts and other accessories through you.

This is a win/win business model for us and our affiliates. Believe it, Nigerians are becoming smarter, one of our affiliates is an applicant who uses the opportunity of his social media contacts and followings to earn money for himself on average of N35000 monthly. He is just an average earner on our platform.

To join our affiliate program is free. And, because we are the value leader in the industry, integrity is our oxygen. Besides the software result, be assured that your efforts will be rewarded accordingly.


  • You can obtain our photos with our permission, upload them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Create a link from your social media platform/timeline for our website. For example you can tag your influential friends for more traffic and opportunities.
  • If you can, create a simple website for suits and accessories. Buy a domain name related to our products if possible, link up buyers from your small website to our site.
  • Write about us, the products you are promoting on social media, blogs and other websites, especially with good content to generate traffic for yourself. Don’t forget to create a link in your article or blog.
  • Create a simple blog site on platforms like Word press, where you publish good content because the content is king. Always remember to add a link to
  • Build links to and fro with other websites selling similar products to direct traffic to yourself.
  • If you were able to build your simple website, optimize your website by submitting your site to search engines. Learn other things that would help improve your search engine ranking to increase visibility.

Note: When you sign up as an affiliate, you promote, you earn money. We are a registered corporate organization in Nigeria. Visit our contact us page today to connect with us.

For more information call us on +234 813 259 2237, or send a mail to